3/8" Twin Diaphragm Pump

3/8" Twin Diaphragm Pump

(One Outlets、One Inlets)

3/8" Twin Diaphragm Pump(Two Outlets、Two

(Two Outlets、Two Inlets)

Product description


  • GAU JIING has 30 years experience in manufacturing twin diaphragm pumps for the flexographic and rotogravure printing press machine.

  • This pump is convenient for carry and easy for replacement of coating fluid ,such as ink, plastic and other raw material of chemical.

  • Because the twin diaphragm pump is with twin diaphragm, it's durability will be better than the single diaphragm pump, but the starting pressure will be a little higher than the single diaphragm pump.

  • It is suitable for coating factories which need higher safety of working environment, such as printing plants, chemical plants, paint factories, and other related plants.




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