Portable Fluid Agitator

(50-gallons barrel use)

Product description


  • To make it rotate, only 0.38kgf/cm² is required.

  • The portable fluid agitator can fix to 50-gallons barrels with c-clamps, which can adjust operating angles easily and let the agitators to the most efficient mixing position. 

  • The portable fluid agitator is mainly used for agitating liquid material such as paint, ink and other mixture, prevents it from precipitation and makes it more uniform.

  • Depending on the different concentration of the stirred liquid, there are two air motors (1/8"、1/4") can be selected to drive, and 1/4" air motors can agitate more thick liquid than the other. 

  • The portable fluid agitator is characterized by safety, explosion-proof, waterproof, high torque output, high speed output, uninterrupted operation, low air consumption, smooth switch from low speed to high and duration.

  • It is suitable for coating factories which need higher safety of working environment, such as printing plants, chemical plants, paint factories, and other related plants.




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